About Us

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour has a proud history of representing the interests of union members and workers since 1936. The Federation of Labour is made up of nearly 30 affiliated unions, 500 locals and six District Labour Councils. We represent more than 65,000 working women and men from every sector of our economy and from every community in our province.

The NLFL is dedicated to advancing the cause of working people and promoting a progressive civil society where no one gets left behind. We advocate for improved workplace rights and stronger laws including occupational, health and safety laws as well as workers’ compensation and Employment Insurance programs that are fair and there when people need them.

We fight for better labour laws and strong, accessible public services such as universal health care, education, worker training, elder/home care and child care and early learning.

We stand up for the principles of equality, equity and social justice and we work with our affiliate unions and social partners to build a better world for all citizens.