Briefs and Presentations

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour regularly presents to all levels of government on a broad range of public policy issues that impact our membership. In addition we also regularly present to other groups and organizations on the work of the Federation, which ranges to participation in public consultations on the budget, research to assist the work of our committees to research on prosperity and the distribution of wealth. This work allows us to inform both our members, social activists and others on the important work that the Federation does on behalf of working people in the province.

NLFL's Submission to M.P. Scott Armstrong regarding the Labour Market Development AgreementsTuesday, July 8th 2014

Our Federation is pleased to make this submission on the future of Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDA's) and providing input into shaping how these agreements help build healthy labour markets across our country.  To read the full submission click here.

NLFL President Mary Shortall Presents at Provincial Pre-Budget ConsultationsFriday, February 14th 2014

Federation President Mary Shortall presented the NLFL's position on a number of key items in advance of the provincial budget, including advocating for enhanced public childcare, movement away from austerity and the restoration of the Family Violence Intervention Court.  You can download the submission here.

NLFL Presents to the Council of Atlantic Premiers Advisory Panel on Recent Changes to the EI SystemThursday, January 16th 2014

The NLFL presented to the Council of Atlantic Premiers Advisory Panel on recent changes to the EI system, the impacts on seasonal workers and industries in Newfoundland and Labrador and Atlantic Canada.  You can read the submission here and view the presentation here.

NLFL Submission to the Federal Pre Budget ConsultationsThursday, January 16th 2014

We believe Canada needs a budget thats builds and strengthens our commitment to social programs and public services.  Read more of the submission here.

NL Federation of Labour calls for improvements to Hebron Benefits PlanWednesday, December 7th 2011

NLFL President Lana Payne called for an additional $300 million investment - $250 million in a skills, training and social development hunca life fund and $50 million for affordable housing projects.  Payne said it is time to push the huncalife katalog envelope regarding what we mean by benefits.  Please click here for the full brief.

NLFL Presentation to the Hebron Public Review ProcessMonday, December 5th 2011

NLFL Presentation to the Hebron Public Review Process on offshore safety.

NLFL President Lana Payne asks:  What has been learned and what has changed with respect to offshore safety since the crash of Cougar Flight 491?  Click here for the presentation.

A Plan for ProsperitySaturday, November 12th 2011

Newfoundland and labrador is in the midst of unprecedented prosperity driven by natural resource development.  Download the NLFL's discussion paper which looks at distribution, development and socio-economic benefits in the context of dealing with prosperity.  Click here to read the full paper.