Briefs and Presentations

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour regularly presents to all levels of government on a broad range of public policy issues that impact our membership. In addition we also regularly present to other groups and organizations on the work of the Federation, which ranges to participation in public consultations on the budget, research to assist the work of our committees to research on prosperity and the distribution of wealth. This work allows us to inform both our members, social activists and others on the important work that the Federation does on behalf of working people in the province.

IWD SpeechMonday, March 7th 2011

100 years of fighting for women’s equality

NLFL President Lana Payne was the guest speaker at the annual International Women’s Day Brunch in St. John’s, celebrating 100 years of IWD.  100 years of fightback, resistance and defiance…the struggle for women’s equality continues.  You can download her speaking notes here.

NLFL President Presents to Standing Committee on National Defence on SAR Response timesWednesday, February 2nd 2011

Offshore deserves world-class SAR response times. Lives depend on it.  Download the presentation here.

Building for the Future: Pre-budget SubmissionWednesday, February 2nd 2011

Newfoundland and Labrador is already a great place to do business now we need to make it a great place to work and raise a family, NLFL President tells finance minister best way to do that is invest in early learning and child care. Download the presentation here.

Atlantic Accord Amendments ResponseWednesday, July 21st 2010

Workers’ Safety in the Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Oil and Gas Industry – The NL Federation of Labour’s Response to proposed amendments to the Atlantic Accord to incorporate occupational health and safety for workers. Click Here to Read: Building a Preventative Offshore OHS Safety Culture

The NLFL presents to the Financial Literacy Task ForceMonday, June 21st 2010

In its presentation on behalf of working people,  the NLFL explained that it is about income, not literacy! Click here to view the presentation.

NLFL President participates in pre-budget consultationsSunday, June 20th 2010

The NLFL stresses the importance of building a progressive Newfoundland and Labrador in the face of the economic downturn through continued stimulus spending on public services and infrastructure, investing in people and strong social programs.  Click here to view the complete presentation

NLFL's Presentation to Offshore InquirySaturday, June 19th 2010

We must ensure Occupational, Health and Safety is more than a matter of checklists or what is known in our world as paper safety - when it should and must be so much more.  click here to download the Federations submission to the Wells Inquiry on Helicopter Safety - Preventative Safety Culture for Offshore Oil and Gas Industry