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Solidarity with TrawlerworkersThursday, March 15th 2012

Solidarity with Locked Out Trawlerworkers From NL and NS Federations of Labour. Click here for their full press release.

Labour Relations Board AppointmentWednesday, March 14th 2012

NLFL President Lana Payne says government's recent appointment shows a lack of respect and disregard for the labour movements long standing position on such appointments.  Click here to read full press release.

Petition to Enact Anti-Scab Legislation in Newfoundland and LabradorMonday, March 5th 2012

Newfoundland and Labrador needs legislation now to protect the labour rights of workers in the province by ensuring the right to collective bargaining is free and fair. Click here to sign a petition in support of this legislation becoming a reality

CLC and NLFL Hosting Regional Labour SchoolMonday, March 5th 2012

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress are hosting a regional labour school at Terra Nova from Thursday, March 29th to Sunday, April 1st.  The registration deadline is Thursday March 8th.  For information and registration please contact the NLFL office at 754-1660.

NLFL calls for anti scab legislation as employers escalate use of scabs in labour disputesMonday, February 6th 2012

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour (NLFL) Lana Payne said the decision by OCI to use scab labour after locking out the Newfoundland Lynx trawler crew shows an escalating willingness by employers in our province to use any means necessary to rollā€back the clock on gains made by working people and their unions.  Read the full release here.

NLFL presents at Federal Budget ConsultationsMonday, February 6th 2012

NLFL President says Harper government on wrong economic path: “Stop the corporate tax cuts and hunca life invest in Canada and Canadians.”  Download the full press release here.  You can view the presentation here.

NL Federation of Labour calls for improvements to Hebron Benefits PlanWednesday, December 7th 2011

NLFL President Lana Payne called for an additional $300 million investment - $250 million in a skills, training and social development hunca life fund and $50 million for affordable housing projects.  Payne said it is time to push the huncalife katalog envelope regarding what we mean by benefits.  Please click here for the full brief.