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Privatization: What it is, Why it Matters. NLFL President Mary Shortall's OP-ED Piece from The Telegram June 23Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

With oil prices down, an aging population, and high unemployment the conservative government of Newfoundland and Labrador is looking for a silver bullet to cut costs for public services and infrastructure. Their sights are settling on privatization to be that silver bullet.   What is privatization? In its most narrow sense, privatization is the whole or partial sale of public services and/or infrastructure. It can include the sale of assets, functions or the entire institution. With privatization, the service or infrastructure becomes funded and/or run by a private corporation. you can download the entire OP-ED here.

NL Federation of Labour President Demands Action on Occupational Health and SafetyFriday, June 19th 2015

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour (NLFL) President Mary Shortall expresses her deepest condolences to the family and friends of CJ Curtis of Trepassey who died after falling 20 feet to a concrete floor. Shortall is also demanding the NL Government take action to reduce workplace injuries and illness. “Workplace accidents are preventable “says Shortall, “It is time the government took action. We need full enforcement of the law and tougher penalties, including criminal investigations when these needless fatalities occur. Employers are ultimately responsible to ensure the health and safety of their workplaces. When that does not happen, employers need to be held accountable for workplace death and injury.”  You can read the full release here.

NLFL and Community Partners Holding a Town Hall on Privatization and P3's #peoplebeforeprofitFriday, June 19th 2015

The NLFL, its affiliated unions, community partners and other trade unions are sponsoring a town hall which will be held on June 24th at The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road in St. John's.  Come and listen to an informed panel and learn why the privatization of public services and P3's are just bad for the economy, communities and working people.  You can download the poster here.  

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour Submission to the Poverty Reduction StrategyTuesday, May 12th 2015

It is widely recognized that as a province, NL has made strides in reducing poverty, but there remains quite a bit of work to be done.  Download the NLFL's submission to the provincial government on poverty reduction here.

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour President Mary Shortall says Budget a Missed OpportunityFriday, May 1st 2015

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour President Mary Shortall said that the PC Government missed an opportunity to address the revenue issues facing the province due to past tax cuts and declining oil revenue.  You can read the news release here and download the accompanying fact sheet here.

Public Services - People Before Profit DemonstrationFriday, May 1st 2015

Come join the labour movenment and concerned citizens tell government loudly And clearly that cutting and privatizing the public sector and our public services hurts everyone.  Download the poster here.

Where: Confederation Building East Block

When: Noon, Tuesday May 5th 


Budget 2015 is Bad for the Economy - Read our Budget AnalysisFriday, May 1st 2015

Budget 2015 was an opportunity for the provincial government to reverse the 2007 and 2010 tax cuts that mainly benefitted higher income brackets, and to maximize revenues in order to maintain public sector jobs and programs at a time when they are most needed. The Conservative government chose not to fully maximize revenues and instead to eliminate 1400 jobs over five years.  You can read the budget factsheet here