NLFL Policy Convention: “Labour’s Way – Sharing the Wealth”

The NLFL’s 72nd annual convention was part of our Sharing the Wealth” initiative, which brought together in excess of 200 trade union activists to debate and discuss key issues of importance to workers and the provincial economy.  delegates were able to listen to presentations and debate issues such as the pension crisis, green jobs and the green economy.  In addition there was a keynote presentation given by Paul Keating from the Tipperary Institute in Ireland on regional policy development in rural Ireland.  The presentations are available below for download.

Regional Policy Development

  • Download Paul Keating’s presentation “Social Partnership and the Evolution of LEADER in Ireland”

Green Jobs and the Economy

  • Download Andy King’s (USW) on the Blue – Green Canada, an alliance between the United Steelworkers Canada and the environmental movement.
  • Download Angelo DiCaro’s (CAW) presentation on young workers, the environment and the green economy.
  • Download Elizabeth Weir’s presentation on Efficiency New Brunswick and how energy efficiency is being promoted through innovative public policy.
  • Download the presentation by the Carpenters Union (UBCJA) on the role green jobs will play in the economy.

Pensions for all: The Attack on Pensions

  • Download the Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) presentation on a national investment and pension fund.
  • Download a presentation by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) on labour’s proposals for the future of Canadian pensions.
  • Download a presentation by Leanne MacMillan of CUPE on pensions, retirement and women.
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