Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour’s new website!!!

We hope you find it more user-friendly and interactive. In some areas, it is still a work in progress as we continue to upload new materials and information but we are getting there.

We will have news about our latest campaigns, including the work of the Federation, the broader labour movement as well as our work with our progressive partners to build a better world.

Please consider signing up for our e-news. Visit our Facebook page.

We also encourage all our affiliates and locals to send us photos of your actions and activities. We’d like to share the work of our movement. No action is too small, no rally is too big. We are interested in all that you do to make a difference. You can do so by emailing president@nlfl.nf.ca

Working with our affiliates waging battle in two lengthy strikes; standing up for the OHS rights of workers at the Wells’ Inquiry into the death of 17 offshore workers; fighting for better labour laws through the ongoing review of the province’s labour legislation; and advocating for better pensions for all Canadians as well as an EI program that works for working people are just some of the issues and campaigns your Federation of Labour has been working on in recent months.

Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the farm workers union in the United States and civil rights activists once said: “We are confident. We have ourselves. We know how to sacrifice. We know how to work. We know how to combat the forces that oppose us. But even more than that, we are true believers in the whole idea of justice. Justice is so much on our side. That is going to see us through.” 
Chavez could have been speaking of the struggle being waged today by striking Steelworkers against the giant mining corporation ValeInco or by 14 women employment support workers on the Burin Peninsula, members of NAPE, fighting for a little respect and economic justice.

Currently, Canada’s labour movement is fighting for Retirement Security for All. You can find out more by clicking on the link on our front page. Join our campaign and start by telling your MP and MHA to support a better public pension system for all Canadians.

The Federation continues our efforts for a stronger safety regime for offshore workers and better labour laws so working people can have a union if this is their wish. Health and safety and labour rights are at the heart of our movement and we must be vigilant in defending these rights.

In the meantime, our Constitutional Convention will be held October 31 to November 3 in St. John’s at the Sheraton Hotel.

I will be posting to this blog on a fairly regular basis so check back.

In Solidarity


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