Labour Unrest Driven by Concessions

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Working people continue to fight back at the collective bargaining table in our province. Sometimes, as we have seen in the past two years, this fight back results in a group of workers withdrawing their labour and walking a picket line.

Workers never take job action lightly. But when employers bring concessions to the table, it becomes tougher and tougher to reach agreements and keep the labour peace.

Our sisters and brothers employed at VALE’s Voisey’s Bay, Labrador mining operation have for 18 months (and counting) stood up against the power and wealth of the second largest mining multinational on the planet. Concessions were also at the heart of this strike – concessions demanded by one of the wealthiest corporations in the world.

An Industrial Inquiry appointed by the provincial government to investigate this dispute continues its work. The NL Federation of Labour made a submission to the inquiry, highlighting the labour movement’s concern with how globalization is impacting on the labour rights of our citizens. We recommended righting the imbalance in power faced by working people through a modern set of labour laws that take into account the growth in corporate power..

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